The act of being caught behind a semi and being fucked over due to its slow rate of acceleration. It can occur at a traffic light or while being stuck in a lane behind a truck.
1: That semi just pulled out in front of me going 30 on the fucking highway!!

Sounds like you just got truck fucked.

2: I just truck fucked that entire lane by not letting anyone pull out, I'm awesome.

You're a douchebag.
by JJHOUSEE August 14, 2010
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Violent act done with a skateboard, usually by a skater.
The individual holds the skateboard and hits something with the axel, which is called a truck. If done right, it can hurt.
Jimmy: So what happened with you and that rent a cop
Clint: Well i was going to give him the street crunch but i just truck fucked him in the teeth when he was down.
by csection March 8, 2007
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When there is so many goddamn semi trucks in your way. This applies in heavy streams of traffic when all you see is trucks.
"Why were you late to work today?" -Rachel

"I ran into a major truck fuck this morning" -Sam
by State Farm Agent November 24, 2011
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when some punk ass security gaurd comes at me and my friends when we are skateboarding and tries to take our boards...we hit him with the truck of our board...

"oooh dude, you just got truck fucked!"
by Xbashlee March 8, 2009
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anal,butt, ass, intercourse,buttfuck

to get rammed up the anus so hard, that it feels like a truck went through it
Look at the way she walks, methinks she got truck fucked last night, poontang style.
by $eb November 7, 2006
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An owner of an American pick up truck, often a devout Christian, who thinks global warming is a farce.

Owner of several guns.

Often found in wedding chapels with own sister/mother

An urban redneck
that "truck-fuck" married his sister

Jamie-Steve is a complete "truck-fuck"
by leif November 23, 2004
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Truck Fucking is when a small wimpy man proceeds to fuck a large women(body builder) and becomes the bitch.
A: Hey Joe.
B: Hey Matt.
B: So, how was it?
A: Not good, she totally truck fucked me.
B: Hey I'm getting a Truck Fuckingtonight maybe you wanna--
A: Go home!
by SaggyGoudaCheese September 21, 2014
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