Tru-Anon are Cult-like supporters of Justin Trudeau that will go to any length to defend abysmal leadership, virtue signaling, unethical behavior, lies or outright corruption , as long as its performed by Justin Trudeau, in which case it is fully acceptable.
As a CNN reporter Jake Tapper found out "Careful for acknowledging facts or Tru-Anon will attack you"
by Zazzle Swagneer April 17, 2021
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The belief that Justin Trudeau is god’s gift to Canada & he can do no wrong. Beware: Tru-Anon believers lack awareness of the world around them. Having been brainwashed, they are known to puppet the words of their “great” leader & frequently traffic in lies; using deceit & a barrage of falsehoods to justify any and all of JT’s behaviour.
“Careful for acknowledging facts or Tru-Anon will attack you.” ~ Jake Tapper, CNN
by HM Elizabeth April 17, 2021
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A recently defined psychological condition where a person wholeheartedly believes the delusions of grandeur of another.
The Tru-anon are all excited about the latest speech from the throne
by Other mynoduesp May 10, 2023
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A derogatory term for people who disagree with right wing trolls. The purpose is to label them as being devoted to Justin Trudeau, even if they haven’t said anything and Trudeau or his policies. It’s effect is to mark the user of the term as an idiot.
The Tru-anon lame stream media are quoting conservatives out of context to make us looks foolish.
by leftnotracks September 25, 2023
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