1) The combination of a troll and a clown.

2) Someone who pesters you 24/7.
3)Someone very loud and annoying.
You TROWN. If you would've pushed me down the stairs I would've MURDERED you in your SLEEP!


Stop trowning me!
by STOPTROWNS2017 October 17, 2017
When you have been trolled and owned at the same time.
by rezzielove June 30, 2011
True + owned. A state of being utterly owned beyond comprehension.
Eric one shotted that guy. He trowned him bad.
by Danny "twylight" August 4, 2006
When you get horribly owned three times in a certain amount of time.
"while playing cs Ryan got uber trowned, his scores was 1-67
by mat March 7, 2005
Pranked by someone who takes pictures of your face he's found on the internet and manipulates them in an attempt to embarrass you.
Wow, that ginger sonofabitch sure Trowned the shit out of the English fellow. He looks a right plum now (although he probably deserved it)!
by cheesefingers January 21, 2012