When someone gets so smashed that they do not remember what they did and did not make it to a social event, and are in no state for society.
when an individual gets Trouted they can't make it to a ball that they payed for.
by JJBmister October 21, 2011
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Trout = 40 something male hanging out in clubs looking for younger females to prey on. (male Cougar)
He is such a Trout! He is to old to be in a club!
by Ivan1738 September 20, 2007
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A man who likes to date younger women (i.e. he swims downstream in age); Antonym = salmon (a guy who likes to date older women, or swims upstream in age). Synonym = male cougar
Bill's such a trout; everytime he enters the club he's got a younger chick on his arm...
by sunshark May 06, 2009
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the act of sneaking up behind someone and moving your hand quickly back and forth between their knees, making the victim believe there is a fish between their legs.

The victim is at first overcome by confusion, which results generally in a high leaping motion followed by anger and rage once they realize what has happened.
person1: should I sneak up on joe and trout him?
person2: definately.
*sneak and trout*
by airstrike78 February 10, 2010
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when a yankee asks a stupid question that someone in the south would be considered a retard for not knowing.
We were all all the lake fishin' when this nut hugging yankee rolls by and looks down at the catfish i just caught and says "is that a trout?"
by redneckmuthafuckaz August 26, 2007
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Something you got slapped with in IRC
/slap urmomoncrak
**smegmaking_69 slaps urmomoncrack with a large trout.
by Smegmaking_69 August 02, 2009
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Trouting is the act of flirting with/pulling horrendously ugly girls.

The name originates from the use of trout to describe such girls, and therefore the act of courting them became known as "trouting"
Dave - "I can't believe Jamie's talking to that girl over there, she's a right minger"

Trevor -"Mate he's in his element, trouting away"
by DangerousDoubleWrapDave September 02, 2009
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