A Troon is a conjunction of the word Trans and Cartoon. Trans people will never fully transition into what they believe they should look like so they resort to drawing or commissioning cartoon avatars of what they wished they looked like. This is exacerbated in the furry communities and isn't unique to transgenders. Troon is a derogatory term to show disapproval for people who worship their Avatars online.
by MarsHill May 26, 2022
A derogatory term, usually applied to transgender women, that implies both that they are their assigned gender at birth and that they are misappropriating transgender identities; similarly to the word 'trender.' A portmanteau of 'trans' and 'goon.' It's an extremely online word and it's origins can be traced back to Something Awful forums.
anime avatar: "troons will made to be ex-people."
by that_damn_guy January 31, 2021
1) Portmanteau of the words "Transgender" and "Goon", signifying/accusatory term to denote, mostly male individuals, that appropriate the Transgender identity in order to shield themselves from criticism or past bad/criminal behaviour.

Origin of the term is said to be The Something Awful Forum, now prolifically used by GenderCriticals, TERFs and on the K*w*F**m Forums.

2) May also be used by trans exclusionary individuals to slur all transgender people without exception.
During that car accident in 2015 Bruce Jenner killed that lady and now came out as Caitlyn Jenner, what a typical Troon.
by InternetUrbanDictionary September 14, 2020
In mechanics, a vehicle's troonsmission.
Pull that troon so we can overhaul it.
by keppp May 14, 2021
1. A person of unparalleled annoyance.

2. A life-ruiner.
3. A person that displays little or no backbone.
4. Douche
That troon just single-handedly ruined my ENTIRE life!
by GLEE23 May 5, 2009
A girl that looks like she used to be a man. Not an actual transvestite, a real girl that looks like a transvestite. They are about 6 foot tall, wear loads of make up and false eyelashes. The act mannish and drink pints.
Can't believe you pulled that troon last night.
by kirsty.devonport. December 9, 2021
There was a clatter of wings as the troons took off in the evening light.
by liz keeling carter November 20, 2003