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Annoying middle-upper class lady. Picks up here kids at school every day with an SUV or minivan to lug them off to some kind of sports practice. Commonly uses any combination of the v-chip,ESRB, and movie ratings to make sure her kids don't hear any "language" or see any violence. Internet is a "no-no" other than going on kid learning games websites for 45 minutes every day. If someone says "a bad word" near her kids while she is with them, she will quickly cover their ears. Her vehicle usually has a a football sticker or bumper sticker like "My Child is an Honor Student at ________ Elementary School", but no one cares if your little retard of a child is an honor student. She only let's her kids listen to kid's music, old music or Christian music. She makes sure to drive real slow as she wants to protect her "angels" who still sit in a carseat at age 10. Her husband is her source of income.
Was in the grocery, picking up a copy of CS:GO and a dumb soccer mom comes by and yells at me for buying violent games, and proceeds to the topic of terrorism. I say "fuck off" and she then shouts "DON'T USE THAT LANGUAGE NEAR MY SON!" and proceeds to cover his ears. I check out and go home.
by Potatoforpresitend2025 October 18, 2016

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The worst president ever
"tronald dump sucks"
"yeeah i hate tronald dumpling"
by Potatoforpresitend2025 June 07, 2016

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