A troglodyte is typically used as an insult as someone is a really stupid/ ugly or you just want to insult them
by MrStealyoWhip December 24, 2020
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People who touch the screen of the apple computer in the uni library even though they’re not touchscreen
Which troglodyte has put their greasy fingers all over the fkin screen
by Troglodyte Hunter December 9, 2019
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The kind of person that makes you wonder why humans aren't extinct yet.
Goddamn it Ron, why can't you just figure the fuck out how to play Hungry Hungry Hippos already you troglodyte.
by golira_the_first January 21, 2019
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1). A cave-dweller, someone who lives in a cave.

2). Insult used by Captain Haddock from the Tintin series.
1). Don't go in that cave! You might get attacked by the Troglodyte!

2). Blistering Barnacles Tintin! That Yeti was a right old Troglodyte!
by Tunnel Boy! March 9, 2008
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A lower-functioning subspecies humanoid that usually inhabits subterranean dwellings, and enjoys frequenting Wal-Mart. They tend to chiefly subsist on some form of government/taxpayer assistance. Also, their young are typically referred to as hatchlings.
"Did you get a load of that troglodyte?! She just tried to buy beer with food stamps...and right in front of her fourteen children (hatchlings)!"
by B-2-tha-G August 1, 2013
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An inhabitant of text-based open platforms such as Reddit, 4Chan or the Youtube comment section.

Often characterized by their tendency to give unwanted attention, they will attempt to assert dominance by insulting people for innocuous actions, such as playing a popular video game, watching anime, or declaring your allegiance to an online fandom.

In fact, knowledge of internet fandoms causes immense physical pain to the troglodyte, as they often voice their displeasure through increased aggression, autistic screeching, and overuse of the word "cringe."

When they feel safe, they will usually state their opinions as if they were actual facts that everyone agrees with. Citing unreliable sources and relying on an infinitesimal sample size.

Upon confrontation, however, they will state that it was "only an opinion" in an attempt to preserve their status and assert their dominance.

The troglodyte's strength lies in its numbers. If there are enough troglodytes in a group (often called a "tumor"), they can create an echo chamber effect for anyone that has an opposing opinion, resulting in assimilation into their ranks. This is the source of the troglodyte's confidence, as it leads many to believe they have the power to shape reality.

There are many ways to deal with troglodytes, the most reliable being disengagement. You may also attempt discourse with a troglodyte, but their reliance on insults and circular logic makes them difficult to best in a verbal altercation.
That troglodyte just insulted my pfp. I'm gonna Navy Seal copypasta his ass.
by commitnotliving February 4, 2020
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A member of a primitive race or tribe of cave people, who can be found congregating in large numbers at Noir Bar Weybridge every Friday or Saturday night.
Nah...full of Troglodytes mate...sick of it
by ooo the? March 13, 2011
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