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The hottest place to get churpsed by boys. They literally live in there just waiting to churps girls like moi. Trocadero's like a big entertainment complex: shops, arcades, cinema, bowling etc and is one of the busiest hang out places for teens in London. People found there are mostly: teens, security gaurds and chinese men on the dancing machine. DO NOT step foot in there if you are a weak pussyhole boy or you will get dissed by the rude boiz dem. When you go there and you're a neek you won't be welcomed. Did i mention the boys??
1) A neek set foot in Trocadero and got rushed out by dem rude boys.

2)ME:I went to trocadero last week and got churpsed by some choong boys.
FRIEND: Yeah girl work it, you know dem guys there cant stay away from you.
ME: MMMM HMMMMM.....I got like 9 phone numbers....
FRIEND: U go girl!!!
by hott_shawtay April 25, 2005

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