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A conventionally masculine gay man. Men of this style are often believed to be straight.
"Dude owns a gun, how can he be gay?"

"He's a homo".

"Look at the biceps on that guy!"

"Those homos work out all the time."
by postemotional August 31, 2010
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A native of Boston, but NOT Boston proper.

Charlestown, "Chucktown", South Boston and certain parts of Dorchester are townie habitats.

Boston is an upper -middle class,International, cosmopolitan city.

Townies are working class guys who live in the neighborhood they grew up in.

Townies consider themselves to have come from a section of a neighborhood, the West Side of South Boston for instance, rather than from


A lower-class Townie may have grown up in the "bricks", a public housing project.

They did not attend college and are usually, although not always, Irish Catholic.
THE DEPARTED, MYSTIC RIVER, SOUTHIE and THE TOWN are films set in Townie Boston.

"Where did you go to school"?

"Tobin High, I'm a townie!"

"Where are you from?"

"Andrew Square."



"WTF is a Chuckie?"

"A guy from Charlestown."
by postemotional December 08, 2010
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Your former brother-in-law following your sibling's divorce.
My broex John is a good father to my nephews.
by postemotional August 29, 2010
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Your sister-in-law following your sibling's divorce.
I get along fine with my exter Michelle, she's a good mother to my nieces.
by postemotional August 27, 2010
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A straight woman who has sexual relations with a a masculine gay man/homo.

"Trixie" derives from "trick' as a term for the person who patronizes a prostitute.

"Trixie" assumes that the straight woman is looking for immediate sex without any relationship.
Trixie hooked up with that homo the other night at the other bar for a little hotel no-tell action.

Trixie doesn't like it when they stay all night.

Trixie needs a tool.
by postemotional December 08, 2010
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