1-acting crazy about something
Yo my baby mama was TRIPPEN when she heard i was sleeping wit her best friend bonqwesha...
by Bug A Boo April 12, 2003
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out of there gord, crazy, insane, weird.
your strate trippen boo.
by Speedy bob January 15, 2004
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1.What one would say to another that is acting crazy or doing something foolish.
2.A reply to one who thinks they know it all but yet they are mis-informed.
1. After the man urinated on himself at the podium, a member of the audience stood up to walk out exclaiming, "Man, you be trippen!"
2. John replied "What the fuck you mean by saying the USA has a right to be in Iraq? Man, you be trippen"
by Danbridge September 25, 2007
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