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Baby Back Bitch

Acronym for someone whom is acting like a punk, wimp, etc....
Sara: omg he's so cute, but im to scared to talk to him!

Amber: Quit being a Triple B and go over there
by M-d-ski ski January 10, 2018
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The feeling a trans person gets when he/she/they are able to start presenting as the gender they identify as and people start treating them accordingly
When they used my proper pronouns, my gender dysphoria became gender euphoria
by Black_berry September 13, 2018
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"Triple B" stands for Boner Before the Bell. This occurs when a student gets a boner in class (before the bell) and continues to have one as class ends.
In music theory, CK got a Triple B and tried to make his boner dance to the music. After the bell had rung, he hid it by tucking it in and holding his books over it.
by melana January 25, 2010
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"Triple B" stands for Busy, Beautiful, Badass.
Arnold (from Master of None): From now on you're Triple B: Busy, Beautiful, Badass.
by pinkyandthebrainnnnnnn July 14, 2017
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Triple B is a term for the acronym: BBB meaning Big Beautiful Boobies

Women can use this term and acronym as a description of their chest size usually C cup or Larger. Triple B is a fictitious breast size, yet a humorous term for a full and juicy breast size.
Example 1- Im 5'2, brunette, and have BBB's.
Example 2 - Im 5'2, brunette and my titties are a triple B threat.

Used in a sentence:

Her boobs are so bountiful, her chest is a triple B treat.

I want to jack off all over those Triple B's. Then I want to jack off on them again.
by solaris123 June 12, 2010
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A girl with a hot body, but an ugly face. Stands for Bag, Bend, Bang.
also known as BBB, you bag em, bend em, and bang em to cover that atrocious face. "Dude that chick's a Triple B"
by The Improbable Viking July 20, 2010
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Burrito Bomb Burp- Also known as the Triple B. The undesirable urge to blast out a bomb like burp after ingesting one nauseating burrito.
Man, I just ate one dank ass burrito from the crazy chicken and it gave me the Triple B for sure.
by C. Sampson March 31, 2009
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