used by a member of the gang 'bloods' meaning, cool or 'thats whats up'
usually pronounced as though a voice cracking occurs
that party was trills.(that party was cool)
that girl/guy is trills(that guy/girl is totally whats up)
by BlOOdz_bitch February 18, 2005
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In music, a trill is where one plays the original note, note above, and then the original note again in a short period of time, and in the same count.
Trills go up, and mordants go down.
by Harry the Musician will eat u September 24, 2018
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A word used by idiotic and stupid people who cannot grasp the English language and try to be 'cool'
"That's so Trill"
"Shut the fuck up and learn some proper words you utter twat""
by annoyed anonn May 14, 2013
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Someone who seems to have multiple personalities, or is two-faced.

Derived from the Trill species in the fictional Star Trek universe, in which a host's personality changes when merged with a symbiont.
"Dude, she was all over you last night, now she's being a major bitch. What's the deal?"
"She's fucking trill."
by Meus Nex October 24, 2008
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A fictional culture in Star Trek. True Trills consist of a humanoid host and a worm-like symbiote that lives inside the abdominal cavity. There are at least two traditional host species; other races such as Humans can only serve as a temporary hosts with medical assistance.

The host has the benefit of the symbiote's lifetime of wisdom and experiences through several previous hosts. Each symbiote has its own name, which becomes part of the host's identity. Joined trills have unique personalities blended from both beings.
Star Trek DS9 had two Trills among the main characters. Both Ezri and Jadzia were joined to Dax.
by gooberliberation October 24, 2005
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Another word for Chill, Gnarly. Which came from Surf Culture.
"Bro, I was gettin some trill waves today it was sweet."
by Uber Tasty July 16, 2012
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