Tripping and chilling. To chill and get high with people.
Yeah I was trilling with my friends today.
by keepcalmandhitabong August 18, 2012
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The realest one can be, combining the words “Too real”. Not everyone can be on this level, but for those who are, they get nonstop pussy.
Jamal: “Damn, dat nigga Tyrone trill as fuck! He never lies and never fakes anything!”
Tyrone: “I know my nigga. Wanna fuck some hoes tonight? I got too many on my dick.”
Jamal: “Fa sho my nigga! You da trillest!”
by VroDaddy420 October 22, 2023
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Widely regarded as being the ultimate real in the streets, “Trill” is a combination of “Too real” or “True and real”. Anyone deemed to be trill cannot be disrespected nor phased no matter what, because they keep it 100 all the time, 24/7.
Homie: “Damn, nigga chu so trill! I wish I cud b lie dat!”

Nigga: “Nigga please. Jus b yoself!”

Homie: “Ay chu right cuh. Imma b dat nigga!”

Nigga: “Daz wassup mayne. Keep it trill lie my black ahh.”
by VroDaddy420 November 3, 2023
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An adjective used in hip-hop culture to describe someone who is considered to be well respected, coming from a combination of the words "true" and "real".
Trill ass niggaz keep it true and real.
by Letgo April 24, 2003
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being true + real = trill
others say Too Real = trill
Trill is when you're hustlin, trill is when you're grindin
Trill is when you punch in that clock overtimin
Trill is when you keep it real one hundred percent
And hold it down for your team run your game full sprint
Trill is when you never fake, trill is when you real
Chasin after dollar bills, gotta get it how you live
Trill is when you hustle so you go out there and get it
Doin whatever you gotta do to make a meal ticket
- Paul Wall "Trill"
by BAYNES May 20, 2006
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