Basically when a player usually in Call of Duty uses a system of movements that will change between weapons or equipment and attempts to kill another player.

This originally was a mistake because of the fast paced nature of Call Of Duty, snipers would panic and quickly tried to get their other weapon and from the Enemies point of view it looks deceiving as they are not aware of what method is there fore being "tricky", hence the technique's name.
Wow I thought that chump was switching to his pistol,he must have done a trick shot
by Rictofen August 19, 2011
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When you are doing your chick from behind and right before you cum, you moan like you came and when the bitch turns around u shoot the load in her face. Usually done to a chick who angered you before having sex and is a way of revenge.
Yo did you hear what Daniel did to Erica? Erica was nagging him all day and he urban trick shoted the bitch but accidentaly got it in her eye and she is now in the Intensive Care Unit.
by Anthony Columbus June 13, 2008
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A vodka trick shot is when a scantily dressed and decenlty drunken girl climbs up onto the pool table to make a long shot, then side swipes the cue ball into the corner pocket, competely avoiding any other target on the table and still manages to leave all her male companions whole-heartedly impressed.
*cue ball is sunk*
Drunken Girl: **woops,...i..think......I...mesthed...that..up.....heheheHEHEHhehehHEHEHHEHHheehehHEHEHehehehehehheh!!!!!!!@

Guy: Wow, how'd you get your boobies to manover the cue like that?
Immune friend: *sighs* Quite the Vodka Trick Shot!
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 09, 2010
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October 5th is known as national dildo trick shot day. On this day you must partake in at least one dildo trick shot per minute. Followed by 30 seconds of violent anal rape.
by Anal descimater October 03, 2017
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