Someone whose sexuality is whatever the trendy sexuality is.
Someone who pretends to be attracted to insert-gender-here-they're-not-attracted-to.
This is a Trendsexual.
by The Spongey Avenger March 20, 2011
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You're in middle school and Bisexual because it's a trend, simple. You just want attention, face it, it was because of tik tok that led you to being Bi.
Drake "Did you hear the news? Julia said that she's Bi."

Devon "You mean Trendsexual? We're in middle school bro, and she has tik tok."
by Ken Kaneki March 25, 2021
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A dumbass claiming to have a sexual preference in order to seem cool. Girls claiming to be bisexual in order to get guys attentions, and guys claiming to be bisexual to seem openminded and sensitive fall under this category.
Jane told everyone she thought she was bisexual after getting crunk and making out with Carol at the frat party!
by me gusta poontang April 30, 2003
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1 - Teenagers who feel they are are oh-so-angst-filled and need something to make their lives more appealing to others.

2 - Someone who thinks they're original, different and individual.

In both cases, bisexuality is usually chosen.
1 - I know I'm fat and ugly... But I'm bisexual/gay!

2 - I'm so different from you all, I'm *dramamtic pause* bisexual!
by Missy August 17, 2004
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Someone who is sexually attracted to someone who is inhibiting the current fashion trend.
Alex: Woah, Brittany only likes boys who have septum piercings.

Jo : Didn't she like snakebites last month?

Alex: Oh, didn't she tell you? She's a trendsexual.
by jonovahypernova December 7, 2015
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An often changing and insincere declaration of one's place on the "gender spectrum" based upon current victim points value perceived relative to the claimed label of the week.
Additional symptoms may include self identity as an autistic person.
Jenny claims to be a polyamorous koala bear this week.
Last week she was an asexual duck.
She's taking this trendsexual thing and running hard with it.
by February 2, 2023
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