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The loyal fans of the pop/punk/rock band, Marianas Trench.

A group of 100 Trenchers is called a TrenchFam.
"If I could marry all you Trenchers.. I would" Mike Ayley (bass player in MT).
by MTrencherX October 18, 2012
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A 'loyal' fan to the now pop group(*miss your 'emo' muzic*)Marianas Trench. They call their fans Trenchers. These people are picking it up.
"Heyy my Trencherss!" BLAH BLAH BLAH

by juggalette4ever April 17, 2009
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Known as an open (faced) sandwich. Actual name should be trencher as used from medieval times.
Common in Danish cuisine, known as smorrebrod.
Irritant: I'll have an open sandwich.

Irritable: It's "trencher" you idiot. Saying "open sandwich" is like saying "two-wheeled tricycle". I'll "open sandwich" your face with the palm of my hand in a minute.
by mcmonk August 12, 2008
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