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a guy who busts in a couple of minutes. i know alot of them and they know who they are.
these young boys are some minute men. i don't want no one minute man.
by M-DOT March 30, 2005

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looks exactly like a koala bear (u have to see it to believe it)
tremain looks like a koala bear
by m-dot July 30, 2004

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The name of a Monkey like man residing in the state of New York.
Enjoys eating, drinking, lying, and partying excessively with very little money to do so most times. Lots of fun to hang out with but at times he is a bit much. He's Mooch, a.k.a. S-dot, a.k.a. Grasso, aka Monk.
"I can't believe the stories that Mooch tells, that kid is really troubled"

Mooch told me he was on probation and my response was "DEWZ"
by M-Dot March 05, 2004

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