Anyone who watches star trek is considered a trekkie.
Omg Your A Damn Trekkie!
by John Doe June 27, 2004
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someone (or something) that is obsessed with the everlame show "star trek"
and has a complete collection of useless star trek crap just tro show off.
all trekkies are virgins, and probalbly are unaware two sexes exist
mrs. weber is a trekkie freak.
by Smate November 15, 2004
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(n.) An avid fan of star trek. Can usually name all the cast, including cameos and what number episode they appeared. Hates the next generation and other 90's spinoffs.
The stereotypical trekkie is a nerd who uses the internet way too much, and has never had a girlfriend, or any other huamn contact asides from his mother and other trekkies.
by Kung-Fu Jesus July 21, 2004
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A trekkie is a computer nerd and if you are trying to look up this word you have probably been called one and therefore u are one.
When ur sitting at a computer all day and doing nothing to contribute to society;Your dad might walk up to u one day and say:YOU FUCKING TREKKIE GET OUTSIDE AND MOW THE LAWN.
by AWESOME-O1 April 09, 2006
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It is a sad devotion to a now over marketed lame TV show and movie seires. They are also people who refuse to believe that Star Wars is better and refuse accept defeat even when they know that they are beat in a discussion between the two. They worship a show worse that barney and telatubies combined.
That dumb trekkie seriosly believes that the enterprise could take out the Death Star.


Trekkie says: Kirk would kill Vadar
Star wars fan: ?what?
by bigvig June 02, 2005
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losers from tff who enjoys watching star trek and other sci fi garbage. also see dillo
what should i do? watch star trek or play tff? good thing i got tivo! *snort*
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
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