1.The act of your balls bouncing around in your shorts/pants making a percussion like sound. 2. The act of your balls beating against a drum kit.
1. Dude, I was running earlier and this chick totally caught me drumming!

2. See Will Ferrel Stepbrothers.
by NAUJ J June 14, 2011
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This word is used when someone does anything either right or wrong and you still support him no matter what bad things he might do
A:This guy is no good, why are you drumming for him?
B: Because he's my friend and i will keep drumming for him no matter what
by 3mksilvow June 13, 2020
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The craft of producing a combination of aerial sound vibrations which are able to be universally accepted as "Music" on a percussion instrument of assembly of such with relative ease. Can be accomplished with ample instruction and practice. To construct a pattern of these vibrations in the form of a "beat", a Drummer must repeatedly make contact on one surface (or several simultaneously) with one or both of his or her tapered wooden cylinders. To amplify the volume of the vibrations produced as a result of this process, the Beat Technician may increase the velocity and/or net force which the cylinder deliveres to the beat surface.

The Drummer is drumming.
Drumming is fun.
"Stop drumming on my baby's head!"
by FUGGYEW February 3, 2009
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Where there are multiple men, and they "drum" their penises on a woman's ass
"Dude, me and (insert name here) had a drumming session on my girlfriend"
by LilPopDrumGuy November 14, 2016
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The Backbone of a musical group or band. Drummers keep the tempo of a group because in most other cases guitarists simply cannot. Although the drums do attract many girls, and are often described as being a chick magnet, they also play an important role in a band. Drums are an instrument that looks easy to play, but to ACTUALLY play them properly takes lots of practice. Saying this... drums are the ONLY instrument you can have fun with even before you know what you’re doing.

The stupidest thing I have ever heard from a guitarist was "at least you don’t have to tune your instrument" which is FALSE. In fact, we have 10x more tuning then guitarists do. Each drum head has to be tuned separately, top and bottom. Not only this, but cymbals must also be tightened to get the sound you want, whether you want them to sound like a CRASH sound or a crash with a long decay.

In short:

Drums > Every Other Instrument
Wow, that guy plays the Drums like a pro!
by Sabjian3786 August 20, 2006
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An loud sounding instrument, that I play. Oh, and no, you don't have to be a guy looking for chicks to play.

Thought it looks easy to play, it much harder than it looks. In order to play, you must move your hands, and feet to different speeds.

You right foot(normally) hits a petal that hits the biggest drum, called the "bass drum". This drum is mainly the beat drum, very steady.

Your left foot hits the cymbals whenever needed. Your hands then hit the other remaining drums.

A drum wonderful, if somewhat expensive to buy thing. Meaning, a lot of the time, drummers are needed.

They can also get you kicked out of apartments, so be careful.

(Person living under you)
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Well, drums are the shit! I strongly agree with myself.. it would be odd if i didnt..but yeah drums are cool Funny fact is is that most guitarists want to play drums and most drummers wanna try guitar!
Wow, you know that michelle girl.. she plays awsome on the "drums"
by Michelle January 4, 2005
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