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A genre of hip hop music that is supposed to discuss about "life in the trap". However, it completely fails at doing that. Rather than seeing trap rappers paint vivid pictures of hustling scenarios in their music (what mafioso rappers used to do), we instead see them using elementary rhymes while glorifying drug use, sex, money, and hoes. It's even worse when they try to describe street violence, because instead of using imagery to elaborate on street violence, they just say some shit like "I shot a nigga after I pulled a trigga/ Fuck these niggas, I'm a real killa" Worst of all, trap beats are the most annoying thing ever. Trap beats consist of annoying high-pitched synths with too much bass and snares that don't even sound like real snares.
These bitches love Sosa
O End or no end
Fucking with them O boys
You gon' get fucked over
Rari's and Rovers
These hoes love Chief Sosa
Hit him with that cobra
Now that boy slumped over
They do it all for Sosa
You boys ain't making no noise
Ya'll know I'm a Glo Boy
Your clique full of broke boys
God ya'll some broke boys
God ya'll some broke boys
We GBE dope boys
We got lots of dough boy
-Chief Keef

While Chief Keef writes rhymes similar to those of Dr. Suess and rhymes "boy" with "boy", he seems to forget about actually rapping about "the trap," the most fundamental aspect of trap music
by RLHipHop September 13, 2013

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A rapper from Harlem, NY who is just okay. By that, I mean that he isn't super-fantastic, but he isn't super-horrible either. He has room for improvement, but at the same time, he is lyrically better than most rappers in the mainstream.

What makes ASAP Rocky different from other rappers is his beats and lyrics. Rather than following the status-quo of rapping over club/trap beats, ASAP Rocky is attracted to a more experimental sound in production. His first mixtape strongly proves this, considering that the production ranged from southern-style chopped and screwed beats to abstract psychedelic sounds that would portray the effect of some kind of drug. Also, his beats actually SOUND GOOD, which is rare in today's hip hop. His lyrics are also more complex than that of the average rapper. He's not on Nas's or Jay-Z's level, but he still shows lyrical proficiency through different flows, multi-syllabic rhyming, and internal rhyming.

However, he still has one negative side that holds him back a lot: His subject matter. If you took away all his abstract beats and lyricism, what you'll get is very generic subject matter. Like most mainstream rappers, he REPETITIVELY raps about the following: drug abuse, sex, guns, money, clothes, hoes, and violence. If Rocky wanted to be real, then he would have to abandon this unoriginal jargon that plagues today's hip hop. He most likely doesn't own as much money as he claims, and he definitely doesn't sleep with different women every single day.
"Let's take it to the basis, you in the midst of greatness

My Martin was a Maison, rocked Margielas with no laces

Cristal go by the cases, wait hold up that was racist

I would prefer the Aces, ain't no different when you taste it

A 40 ounce to chase it, that's just a understatement

I'm early to the party, but my 'Rari is the latest

Somehow it seems girls in they late teens

Remind me your favorite jeans cause they naked cause you famous

Life's a mothafucka, ain't it? These other rappers anus

So tell me what your name is, I'mma tell it to my stainless

You aim it 'fore you bang it let that banger leave you brainless

It's just me, myself, and I and mothafuckas that I came with

Miscellaneous niggas wanna hate on me

Until I tell 'em to they face they ain't no G

Low key, niggas mad cause I'm smooth puffin' Zig Zags

Tell 'em quit the riff raff bitchin' with your bitch ass"

-Verse 1 of "Goldie"

Here, ASAP Rocky demonstrates his lyrical talent through his flow and rhymes, on top of an east-coast flavored beat by Hit-Boy. However, he raps about riches and fashion, which is nothing original in today's rap game.
by RLHipHop October 13, 2013

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The genre of music that single-handedly killed hip-hop. With its annoying high pitched synths and snapping sounds, it took unoriginality in hip hop to a whole new level. Most crunk lyrics are repetitive and stupid, and considering how bad this genre was, its popularity died out very soon.
If you fall up in the club
And them niggas wanna mug
When you step up to they face
What they gon' do (Shit!!!)

If you fall up in the club
And them hoes start acting up
When you step up to them hoes
What they gon' do (Shit!!!)

What they gon' do (Shit!!!) 8X
-Lil Jon

Those lyrics were either written by a 5 year old, or Lil Jon wrote them on his way to the studio while his blood-alcohol content was 0.85. No knowledge as to how he survived that. Maybe that's what happens when you "get crunk" all the time.
by RLHipHop September 13, 2013

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One of the most generic southern rappers ever. Like most trap rappers, his songs glorify drugs and murder, his rhymes sound like they've been written by a 5 year old, and sometimes he doesn't even make sense. For example, in one of his songs "And then what?" he says "First I'm gonna stack my flow/ Then I'm gonna stack some more." If he's talking about stacking money, then at least use the proper words!
Homie just keep it real, I know what you was thinking
Between all the hater raising and all that liquor you drinking
You was probably thinking that I go out like a sucker
That’s what you get for thinking you ignorant motherfucker
It’s Jeezy G from the gutter, these rappers fraudently busters
Post up, served the cluckers and used to dare em to cuff us
Got the work from the Mexicans used to dare em to trust us
‘Cause we taking that shit like it got caught up in customs
Bad bitches they lusting’ real niggas discussin
See them taking them shots, they bounce off of them it’s nothing
Don’t let this rap shit fool you , run up on him, he busting’
Don’t let these rap niggas fool you , that’s the end of discussion
See I would die by this shit, and whatever that’s worth
You niggas step in my yard I go to war bout my turf
See , Young one of the realest niggas that's walking this earth
Nigga you heard what I said and that’s the end of my verse
-Young Jeezy

He wouldn't sound any less like Dr. Seuss even if he tried. And of course, his fans think he's "real" because he's a "street nigga"
by RLHipHop September 13, 2013

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