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TRAP MUSIC = rap/hiphop + dubstep + Techno/Dance + Hella Base + "Damn son where'd you find this". Supporters enjoy this new genre, especially those who enjoy all the music genres included into TRAP. Listening to TRAP may blow your mind and be associated with having a good ass high/fade/day/night. Its up and coming and has been rapidly gaining fans the past few years.
Guy #1: Hey! You heard of TRAP MUSIC? Check out this mix I downloaded from YouTube. It's fuckin dope!
Background Music: "RUN DA TRAP"
Friend #1: This shit fucked up my speakers!! I still think its sick doe.
Friend #2: This is gay, I don't like rap.
Friend #3: I don't like techno.
Friend #4: TURN THIS SHIT UP!!!!!!!!!!!
by Delta 5 jack whale April 25, 2013

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