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I can't believe it's late 2010 and this word hasn't been defined here yet.

Anyway, a transwoman is a male-born human who followed their heart and soul and left the company of the men to become one of the ladies. This takes quite a bit of confidence to do and they typically complete name changes and recieve hormonal treatments (HRT), hair removal treatments, plastic surgery, and the fabled SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery, or sex change) to do this. The ability to pass in society as a woman on a regular basis does vary amongst transwomen due to physical, psychological, and situational differences. Either way though, transwomen, so long as they're not just crazed men who'll regret everything later, are, always were, and always will be women.

Some examples of famous transwomen include Israeli Pop Singer Dana International and Christine Jorgenson, the transwoman that always seems to appear in High School History Textbooks.
Jenny is a transwoman, she got a name change and has been living full time as a woman for the past 5 years.
by DaSexiJessie October 06, 2010
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A trans woman is a woman who was sexed "male" at birth. Trans women run the gamut from non-op to pre-op to post-op.
Kim Petras is a trans woman, and so is Calpernia Addams; RuPaul, in contrast, is a drag queen.
by Miz Thang May 07, 2009
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A Woman Who works hard for what she Gets, Who knows she Isn't a Biological Woman And doesn't care if you hate her.
A Woman Who Is not a Pedophile, But just a normal person trying to get by in life, Without someone killing or raping her.
A Woman Who Has A Family, Friends, A Life, A Job, and emotions.

Not A Biological Woman, But a woman Nonetheless.

(I Love You, Natalie, You Are the Best girlfriend in the World)
Were You born a woman?
No, I'm a TRANSwoman
by The Spider Is a Lie. April 14, 2019
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Someone who the doctor/parents assumed was a boy when they were born (also known as assigned male at birth or AMAB) but has since discovered they're actually a woman.
Erica used to think she was a man, and that her discomfort with her body was just something she had to get over. Now that she's living as a trans woman, she's much happier and more comfortable.
by vicimgd June 20, 2019
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A deluded male pretending to be a female.
"Did you hear Bruce Jenner is a trans woman?"
"You just mean a dude, right?"
"Y-yes sir"
by barack joseph obama April 30, 2020
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