I’m afraid I’m gonna lose my house and become a transient or something.
by Detram August 5, 2021
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A Transient is a demon that dwells within the shadows of worlds who's home world is co-existant with our own known as The Shadow Realm. It is large with a dark grey skin and jet black eyes. They can fly, and are known to work for a highger power in the Shadow Realm.
Oh my God what's happened to Jon!?!?

That thing isn't Jon. That thing is a Transient. A being of pure evil.
by Raymond Knowby December 4, 2008
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1- A Spilt BeerCan Goblin.
2- A male or female who has to Hang a Sign for alcohol or drug money.
3- A male or female who use recent trespassing, DOC, and theft tickets for identification purposes.
4- Decaying away with time.
5- A male or female who use there Staff infections, and the fact that they will Detox from alcoholism to stay out of jail after committing a crime.
6- A term used by Loss Prevention / Security personnel to quickly identify a person who may attempt to take a bath in the customer bathroom sink, use his dirty hands to eat from the bulk food bins, Panhandle customers, and steal anything that cannot be purchased with a food stamp card.
7- TransAnt
1-"I couldn't use the bathroom because some Spilt Beer Can Goblin just washed his balls in the sink before me."
2-"That fucking transient is comming over to my window with his sign. I hate stopping at this light."
3-"Here this has my name on it. My ID was stolen."
5-"I have a infection on my foot and I just shit my pants, please don't take me to jail."
6-"There's a transient comming in the front door."
by SHP April 18, 2005
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Transient juice is the juice that's excreted from a homeless person. Usually left on tables, chairs and bus seats that they have used.
A transient left his transient juice on the table.
by Transient February 28, 2016
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anal-sex. AKA bum-sex.
Dude, I heard that Amy is in to transient action!

She is? I'll have to put it in the pooper!
by tek_tom January 29, 2009
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Adjective: A transient personality is one that is ever changing and adapting. Transient personalities are not stable or static. They are not genuine. They can change on a whim depending on whom is near or perceived to be watching them or how much of a chameleon they must be to fit into the group they want to be a part of.

A Transient personality might become a die hard sports fan, for example, if his or her coworkers all have an excessive interest in sports.

Some of Charles Manson's Family might be considered transient in personality. A few of his female followers grew up attending church and singing in their choir. One graduated college and one was a Librarian's Assistant when she met Manson. However, all education, religion, and morals were tossed aside quickly when their transient personality shifted to Manson - like interests.

Transient personalities can also be seen in those who have borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder.

Transient personalities can be seen at work or school or church. Have you ever had a nice manager turn into a real by the book condescending jerk because upper management was watching him or her perform their job? Once their performance was no longer being scrutinized, they became that nice manager again. Or how about the people who preach and pray and sing in church or Sunday and then molest kids on Monday?

Fake people
My first impression of your father was that he was a warm, loving, and generous man, but after accidently bumping into him on the opposite side of the protest where he was wearing full KKK dress, I knew the warm and loving side of him was just a transient personality. There is nothing good about anyone who is involved with the KKK regardless of what our transient personality disordered President might say.
by Eisasocionarc December 18, 2017
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One who is homeless and dwells in a coastal town. Often smelling of piss, cheap booze and hand rolled cigarettes. Most commonly lacking employment or hope. At times uses an animal or children for the purpose of panhandling. When harassed, become extremely violent, and has a tendency to go "thug life" on your ass. Often the by product of generations of white trash, inbreeding and drug abuse.
Violent Homeless Coastal crack head Douche bag of the sea Town dirt bag Dirt chicken Old Gregg Pimp of the ocean Coastal transient
by JJCS February 27, 2010
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