fierce lioness A Juniper is the most amazing kind of friend you can have. They love animals and will stick up for you no matter what. They are caring and funny. Don't get on their bad side or hurt their friends because they will rip you to shreds. A juniper is also an icon of the kind of person we all want to be. Juniper's are also the sexiest of all fierce lioness.
Teacher: Okay kids what do you want to be when you grow up?

Antonyms: bitch rude meat eater
Synonyms: awesome vegetarian pretty
by A Lover of Junipers July 20, 2011
Juniper is a coooooolllll caaaattttttttt
by Meterstick November 20, 2019
A name hippies give their children, it's also my name, and my mother is definitely hippie.
Her parents must be vegans. Her name is Juniper!
by December 30, 2019
A dwelling in which only the elite members of society are given the opportunity to reside.

Juniper kids rule the population, they are the leaders, they are the strong minded achievers.

Living in juniper for 2+ years is a great feat, and one that may be boasted throughout the lives of those who complete this daunting task.

Juniper kids are regarded and feared across camp as they are far superior to any other soul to walk the dusty roads and gravel paths leading down to crescent lake.
Do work boys, living in juniper is a privilege, not a right. you have to work for it and earn it!
by NashobroLaxHallOfFame August 22, 2010
"that a Juniper"
"A what"
"A short person"
by Coolguy264 November 21, 2021
A GD Content Creator/Streamer who is 16 years old and has a server named The Kenos. (
Luke: Did you watch junipers stream yesterday?

Eric: Yeah bro, it was pretty entertaining!
by fvol June 19, 2020
Juniper: lmao you're a clown 🤡
Me: okay RAT

Juniper: at least I'm not godjinie and your sad non-existent relationship 🤡
by Kimbowe03💜 March 8, 2020