Acronym used for:

T, Tax

R, Revenue

A, Anticipation

N, Note
Finish the TRAN paperwork already and mail it back to the government!!
by joshisthename April 27, 2011
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denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.
Hey did you know P!$S K!NK#5189 is trans

Cool I guess
by P!$S K!NK May 19, 2021
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short for transexual, transgender, transvestite; a general term for those who identify with more than one gender or a gender opposite to their biologically assigned gender; often used as a derogatory term for transgender people; often used between homosexual men as a term of endearment
Jeff is a tran; he moonlights as a performer with the stage name of Jacqueline Monet.
by trantastic88 March 31, 2010
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someone who likes to dress up in their mums/sisters/grannys "gear"
hey mate, im not kidding, stop tranning, your fucking mental.
by natty April 29, 2004
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The definitve Neil Young Album fo the same name released in 1982.
Yo dude you check out Trans yet? Yo dude he's the Stallion
by Henry sanchez February 19, 2005
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