9 definitions by natty

someone who likes to dress up in their mums/sisters/grannys "gear"
hey mate, im not kidding, stop tranning, your fucking mental.
by natty April 29, 2004
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To every man I'm an ordinary girl but to you I'm a special person
"To every man you a spot of sunlight to me your a while sun"
by natty May 19, 2019
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someone who looks like frankenstine crossed with a frog, see Deformed
what the fuck you look like a frankenfrog!!!!!!
by natty April 29, 2004
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guy with at least one sports car, usually named damo.
by natty March 30, 2003
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someone who find pleasure out of having sex with shit
man, thats one good looking shit u got there
by natty April 29, 2004
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The origins of 'darkhorse' are somewhat vague but modern scholars agree it was originally an Essex term.

In it's simplest form it means "to have bum sex"

It is usually abbreviated to "horsey"
I'm just going out to feed the horsey

I can't sit down, I've been riding the darkhorse.

Fancy some horsey?

My dod Charles you are walking oddly tonight. Horsey?
by natty July 03, 2004
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