Where you take in the spagett in through a double ended dildo with another person
person one: hey man was she kinky?
person two: uhhh yeah you could say that... she wanted to do a Reverse Lady and Tramp
person one: what the fuck is that?
by bonksado March 29, 2021
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A large hairy scrotum that has smiley faces previously drawn on it by male prostitutes.
"Dude wtf is wrong with your penis?"
Someone gave me a Putnam tramp
by Sexy scrotum sucker May 05, 2010
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When someone stinks or is an alcoholic every weekend
D****** the absolute “piss tramp”
by Rhuts May 26, 2021
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Ramp tramps are females that hang out at the skatepark but don’t skate. They just want male attention and usually get sexual behind the ramps.
Guy talking to friend - “I love Janes boobs... she showed me them behind the ramp at the skatepark.”

Friend - “Jane the ramp tramp?! Nice.”
by Kid Creepy May 15, 2020
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1) Short tramps are when you feel out of breath or you start to get cramps in the almost ending of an activity, usually the last 30 seconds of a dance or last scores in a soccer match.
1)” The hip hop dance is so exhausting, I started to get a lot of short tramps when there was 1 minute left.”
by EmdyP January 09, 2019
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Shannon Herron is the biggest Slut/Tramp about 20 lads and counting meets hj’s bj’s nudes she’s done it all half of the ACF has seen her fanny and tits
by SergantF August 08, 2019
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one of the most powerful words in existence, can not be countered by "no u".
only say this when up against a powerful force
"bro I didn't know it was your golden scar bro"
"too late for that"
Billy licked his lips knowing the power of what he would say next would stop the world from turning.
"your gramp a tramp"
john was zapped out of existence to find himself floating in a continuous loop of pain and suffering
by iatethecouch March 16, 2018
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