A Tramp Stamp is a hickey. A hickey is a bruise you get from sucking, biting, or roughly kissing your partner.
Also known a "hater marks", "hater bits", and "love bits' . Your partner will give them to you to show people that you are there's. And make it hard for you to get with another woman or man.
"Aye Chris, where you get those tramp stamps from".
" From Sasha , you know she over protective and possessive."
by elisha_2023 June 22, 2017
In the year 2023, tramp stamp is referring to a tattoo that is a warning tattoo to indicate just how batshit crazy that person is.
I was at the bar and seen her tramp stamp and I knew right then that she was batshit crazy.
by Mudder69 January 19, 2023
a sexually active man who only does women whom have tattoos on the lumbar area of their back and insists on doing it doggystyle only because he knows how ugly they are and doesn't wanna see their face.
did you see how ugly that woman Scott was with? Yeah...He's a tramp-stamp fiend.
by Paulytaz December 21, 2018
when a woman has lower back hair
man I tried to do her from behind, but that Brazilian tramp stamp was a no-go.
by ctconard August 14, 2020
(1) A sexually active woman on food stamps WIC or some other public assistance
(2) A homeless woman who will trade sex for food
(3) A woman who will have multiple children just to get access to public assistance
In the projects ghettos and hoods of Washington DC I would trade my EBT card to get some pussy from these food stamp tramps every 1st and 15th
by EmJayee October 4, 2017