(noun): A girl or guy friend who patiently teaches you everything from how to make out to properly pleasuring future sexual partners of the same genders so that you don't embarrass yourself when you score a hot date by being inexperienced.
Steve was so lucky to have Jessica as training wheels, otherwise this new girl would be way out of his league sexually.
by Umbilical May 22, 2014
A couple who accompanies a new couple on a date to ensure that things move smoothly.
Bobby was worried about his date Clarissa, so he asked Tammy and George to be his training wheels.
by Hot Aub July 11, 2008
Related to the popular slang term: wheels.
However instead of "wheeling" (seducing or trying to get with) people your own age, or people around your age. Training wheels is aimed for people who have a nasty habit of flirting with younger guys/girls.

Training wheels: to wheel people that are way to young for you.


Training wheels: someone who has an uncanny ability to befriend little children.
A: Whoa, Jessica has some crazy training wheels!
B: I know right? Those kids are basically her slaves!
A: Goddamn, I wish I had those kinda wheels.
by G9Lonettz June 13, 2010
(noun): Friends to put your arms around for balance when you are too drunk to walk.
Steve was so wasted last night, he needed training wheels to get out of the bar.
by Noctrl May 21, 2006
A girl that a guy calls for the sole purpose of getting a blowjob and nothing else. He calls, she comes over and gives him a blowjob, and then she leaves. Usually, the girl swallows too, as training wheels are something drama-free, fast, mind-blowing, enjoyable, and not "messy". The guy must have contacted this girl (his "training wheels") at least a few times to get head from this girl (and succeeded) for her to be considered "training wheels". Also used as a term of endearment for a girl who is a dick-sucking professional. Girls can also refer to themselves as "his training wheels" if they are so inclined to. A "set" of training wheels is when you have a team of two or more girls that comes over to suck your dick at the same time, whenever you want.
Example #1: I gotta get home and put on my training wheels, it's been a hell of a day.
Example #2: You should see my new set of training wheels. Jessica and Christina are the best.
Example #3: My training wheels disappeared recently and I need to replace them like stat.
Example #4: She's not my girlfriend, Marcy is my girlfriend. Lauren is my training wheels.
by Emmalikes April 18, 2022
salt and lime added to a shot of tequila. Usually, these come with a less expensive tequila or are added for "rookies" who don't know Corazon from Twilight Zone
"Do you want to down that shot of Cuervo like a man or do you need training wheels?
by louielouie July 16, 2006
Little wheels that are installed in the back of bicycles, to the left and right, for kids who want to ride a bicycle but can't balance yet. With these wheels, they can ride without falling down. Eventually, they'll get rid of the training wheels when they get older, and they'll need to do that if they want to go faster and turn better.
Little Timmy is too young and keeps falling down with his bicycle, so we put training wheels on it.
by Captain Sham August 31, 2005