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a totally awesome person that can love with all his heart. one of the hottest and funniest people you will EVER meet! he makes all the girls horny, but doesnt care. very smart and wise. loves music. usually athletic. sometimes tends to focus on one thing to much. a great friend and a good listener. overall pretty awesome!
omg did you see Trae today?
YES, he's soooo hott!
by iminlovewithyou June 10, 2009
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Frasier Thompson III, A sick rapper from Houston. He's part of the screwed up Click, with his cousin Z ro. He raps very fast like his cousin but has a deep almost mumbling voice that makes him dope as hell.

Also known as Trae tha Truth
You hear that nigga trae on his song Swang? Fuckin beast!!!

"Swang to the left, I pop my trunk, yep yep yep yep
by Big Deezye January 06, 2008
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A white guy with a black guy's name. Also know as Technosource, and loves dicks in bottles for some apparant reason.
by Nigga withswag June 09, 2013
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Meaning awesome person that loves everyone and everyone loves her.She is funny,hot,makes guys have the hots, and sexy! You will adore her
Why can't you be like a Trae?
by Oreo girl April 25, 2008
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A hyperactive pothead alcoholic that has violent tendancies. This word can be used as an adjective, or a verb or whatever the hell you want.
-Yakov: "Trae stop beating me you alcoholic potheadded bastard whore who has a hot poster in his room"
by Jackisasian February 07, 2008
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