a totally awesome person that can love with all his heart. one of the hottest and funniest people you will EVER meet! he makes all the girls horny, but doesnt care. very smart and wise. loves music. usually athletic. sometimes tends to focus on one thing to much. a great friend and a good listener. overall pretty awesome!
omg did you see Trae today?
YES, he's soooo hott!
by iminlovewithyou June 10, 2009
Frasier Thompson III, A sick rapper from Houston. He's part of the screwed up Click, with his cousin Z ro. He raps very fast like his cousin but has a deep almost mumbling voice that makes him dope as hell.

Also known as Trae tha Truth
You hear that nigga trae on his song Swang? Fuckin beast!!!

"Swang to the left, I pop my trunk, yep yep yep yep
by Big Deezye January 6, 2008
Slang for the infamous Houston, Texas ghetto third ward.
"What hood you from" "The Trae"
by Wave748 February 12, 2006
The most amazing person you will ever get to know. He's charming sweet incredibly hot and really knows how to make a girl laugh and feel special. His Dirty Blonde hair and his green eyes will blow you away as well as having the best body ever to be seen. Anyone that is lucky enough to be talking to a trae is truly lucky. I know I am <3 wuv you
Wow is his name Trae ? He must be hot !!!!!
by hollyjboo April 2, 2020
A white guy with a black guy's name. Also know as Technosource, and loves dicks in bottles for some apparant reason.
by Nigga withswag June 9, 2013
A man who is funny, kind(when u get to know him) and dont like funny acting people.
You heard what Trae said
by Trae1234 November 24, 2021