An Ignorant person (or people) that get paid to sit on their ass and and verbally assault people online with racial slurs, profanity, and call out others that are ungrateful for what they have.
"yOu wOrK iN a gAs Station overtime to getilk, cuz your wife eats up cereals with all the food stamps F### stick!"

Oh uh we gotta trae flocka up in this lobby!
by JackAdamsBthatKnockin May 17, 2019
A Trae Lachapelle aggot ass bitch
"Trae Lachapelle is such a fag" - everybody and their mother
by yes, it's me December 10, 2012
trae one of the most athletic people you will ever meet he is very cute all the girls love him but he doesn't care loves music
holy did you see trae run past you no he is to fast
by DA GOAT_13 June 23, 2021
Is a a guy who will fuck anything anywhere likes to fuck in public bathrooms and don't matter if their male or female a trae-lay will fuck anything
Girl that dude is a Trae-lay anyone can get with that that ain't no challenge
by RoyalVanitylay July 31, 2021
The cool kid who’s probably friends with an Owen and Brandon is funny cute and makes all girls woo over him he might be a swimmer to and he probably swims at vroom vroom speeds
Hey have you seen Trae Lewis recently he is so hot without a shirt
by Yur g February 12, 2021