2 definitions by iminlovewithyou

a totally awesome person that can love with all his heart. one of the hottest and funniest people you will EVER meet! he makes all the girls horny, but doesnt care. very smart and wise. loves music. usually athletic. sometimes tends to focus on one thing to much. a great friend and a good listener. overall pretty awesome!
omg did you see Trae today?
YES, he's soooo hott!
by iminlovewithyou June 10, 2009
An ahDORABLE, fit, flirty guy who makes you feel like you're the only girl in the world when he talks to you.
Me: "Guys, I'm in love..." Friends: "Ooh, with who?" "Ensar." "Makes sense."
by iminlovewithyou April 26, 2012