the act of one farting directly into anothers mouth, then making out with one another.
so im giving my boyfriend a rimjob, right? a little rusty trombone n' shit, then he pitches a fluff right in my god damned mouth. overcome with the disgust and pure dirtiness of the situation, i immediately acheived an erection and began to make out with him, sharing his abandoned ass air. i then completed the act of.. the trader joe.
by totally rad February 17, 2004
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When an autist jump up on top of your counter with his timbs, takes a shit, and loudly exclaims "this is organic"
Last night when Steven got drunk he gave us the "Trader Joe's Experience" when he shit on our counter
by Trader Bro's Joe August 02, 2019
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A classic phrase used when an individual buys a seemingly endless assortment of fruits and vegetables from Trader Joe's, but then proceeds to eat frozen dumplings for ten days in a row once home and settled.
"Hey Frank, check out all of this fresh produce I picked up at Trader Joe's today!"
"Nice, Willis, that all looks so good. What are you planning on making for dinner tonight?"
"Well I was gonna make some stuffed mushrooms, buuutttt– I'm feeling pretty sleepy now. Probably just gonna throw some frozen dumplings in the pan."
"Sounds good Willis. Just don't get caught in The Trader Joe's Trap again. See you in ten days!"
by August 30, 2021
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A person who knows nothing about trading stocks but gets lucky once or twice and thinks that he knows everything about trading
Benny got lucky with GNUS and thinks that he knows all about stocks. Classic Trader Joe!!
by traderjoe07 September 15, 2020
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