Everyone knows what tortillas are even if you are not mexican! You know that round substance made out of flour that goes with frijoles.
I eat frijoles with tortillas like everyday! It's the typical mexican, everyday food.
by gbaby aka Sandra November 26, 2007
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It's a typical Spanish and French dish. Sometimes called omelet. There are three types.

1st: "French/Plain Tortilla": Stir eggs on a soup dish, add salt. Then take a pan with hot oil in it and pour down the eggs. Wait for it to be cooked.
2nd: "Spanish Tortilla" (The best ever): Chop peeled and washed potatoes in cubes. Fry them. Then mix them with stirred eggs and add a pinch of salt. Put it all in a pan. Wait until it's cooked.
3rd: Some people just call it "tortilla" and maybe it's the most famous of the three but I have to inform you that it's not a tortilla, it's a "TORTITA". This is the Mexican one used in food wrapping and all. Please don't call it "tortilla" I was born in Spain and hurts me when I hear it, it's a TORTITA, nothing to do with that, just look at a tortita and a tortilla and I bet you can tell the difference.
-I'm not hungry tonight, I'll just have a tortilla
-French or Spanish?
- Spanish please, but don't fry the potatoes, just boil them so it'll make it less fattening.
by HamishFrankie October 20, 2006
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a weapon used from hispanics that love tortilla's. they wrap the enemy in a burrito
white boi: whas up cuuuhhhh. can i drive ur chevy silverado?
mexican cuh: no cuh lemmie get the mf tortilla.
white boi: wtf slap me with a tortilla?
mexican cuh: *proceeds to wrap enemy in tortilla in burrito style with frijholes.*
white boi: let me tf out pepega
by mexicanfoxnigga October 14, 2020
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a mexican bread that has been squashed flat by nike factory workers.
this tortilla taste like sneaker
by Mrstone August 26, 2009
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The only food Mexicans can afford.
-SKdjhalkhgk Hola (I am hungry)
-kjdfhaklgh hola (lets buy some tortillas)
by jesseschmitzoheigher February 18, 2009
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someone who is krispy fresh and hot, possibly considered edible because they contain qualities that make them most appealing.
"damn look at that tortilla over there, shorty is lookin hella good today in her new kicks."
by *va-jay-jay* April 24, 2008
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