In Mexico and in much of central America, A "tortilla" is a flat pancake-like bread that is often the corner piece for Mexican dishes. Tortillas can be made from corn (maize) or wheat flour. Tortillas can be eaten alone (I prefer them straight off the griddle with butter) but often are the ever important outer layer of burritos and soft tacos. Corn tortillas are what hold enchiladas together.

Tortillas can be stuffed with: meat, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, hot sauce, refried beans, fajitas, peppers, and any combination of the above, along with just about anything else you can think of that i failed to mention.

In Spain, however, a tortilla is a type of omelette.
My parent's never gave me money for lunch, so me and my friends would would go to the local mexican restaurant to eat and they would give me their extra tortillas. Delicious.
by VazzKoL July 8, 2007
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The basic eating utensil used by Mexicans,
used in place of a fork, spoon, and knife. Tortillas are the only utensil used for eating BESIDES your hands.
Stephanie: Can I have a spoon?
Diana: Where do you think we are?! You can have a tortilla!

Eddie: You want a spoon? HEY, this girl wants a spoon!
Sydney: That bitch can stick with her tortilla!
by Echhi Chama May 4, 2009
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Pronounced: tore-tea-ya-ing

The act of throwing tortillas onto something, especially cars.

It was originally started when Christine had ripped off some of the extra tortilla from her snack wrap, and decided to throw it out Brianna's window onto the car next to them. It landed perfectly onto the car, and they could not stop laughing. They have also been known to tortilla their own car, while still in it. Christine and Brianna have become known as the "Tortilla Bandits" and are coming to tortilla your car next.
"We were tortillaing cars yesterday!"
by Christine Batson October 25, 2007
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Hundred dollar bills. Used in this sense because they easy to come by once you make it.
Johnny dropped a whole stack of tortillas on one hand of blackjack. Homeboy's got mad money.
by Mongoria November 11, 2009
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Lesbians. you know flat on flat ...
My tortillas are coming over to watch the L Word and listen to some Melissa Ethridge.
by Schneidwinder April 3, 2008
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Latino girls with flat butts.
Jesus - Yo esse! check out those Tortillas, two o'clock.
Jorge - Vato! Less hook'em up wid some queso!
by whaxalot August 12, 2008
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