A painful shit that is caused by eating fast food, lapping up hot sauce, drinking lots of tequila, etc. During and after the event your asshole burns due to the damage caused to your intestinal track.
The first thing I did when I woke up on Sunday afternoon was sit on the john and let loose a loud, liquid torcher.
by Big Balla July 27, 2005
Torcher is the best Canadian metal band ever. They are from Kitchener, Ontario and are known for sodomizing Ontarian eardrums.
guy 1 "Dude, Torcher was sick last night!"
guy 2 "What?! My eardrums have been sodomized."
guy 1 "Ha ha ha ha!"
by warcurse666 April 15, 2009
Being subjected to someone's emotionally charged, critical rant about something that noone should ever be so charged up about.
Person 1: Z morning zoo is GARBAGE!!!! And your prank phone calls aren't funny and they weren't funny the first 8 bazillion times u did them! So get some new material!!!!!! I HATE U Z morning Zoo!!!! Elvis Duran may u die of gonaria and rot in hell!!!!

Person 2:Whoa Buddy why are you torchering me?
by MorchinLikeJimTorchen January 13, 2012
someone that doesnt follow the criteria of being a good human being.
That's not how you walk, you torcher!
by kd;f;dfijfo;eife[r July 12, 2017
1.) A singer of "torch" songs; i.e. a female singer of passionate love songs

2.) An arsonist
1.) She was a half-decent torcher, but she was no Timi Yuro.

2.) He contracted a torcher for 25% of the insurance payout.
by Scroll Lock February 7, 2008
To have tortured someone with fire.
We torchered Vinny until he gave us the PIN code. Who has the marshmallows?
by Bea Real July 11, 2013
The act of lighting a significant other's skin on fire with a blowtorch and engaging in sexual intercourse while burning up
Dude, I was sitting by the campfire next to my babe...and seeing her and the fire so close to each other made me really antsy for a texas torcher.
by jdog9131 December 9, 2019