To tilt so hard that you can no longer continue.
by ShardSLINGA December 1, 2012
Toppled or "topped" is the feeling of reaching one's uncontrollable drunken peak
"I was topped when we got to the bar"
"That last shot fucking toppled me"
by Sigma Mu August 26, 2018
plural of overbalance or cause to overbalance and fall.
the topplings of the twin towers was devastating
by cufd May 14, 2021
Toppled- To be hypothetically knocked over by a statement or gesture..
"That bird with the disco fanny Toppled me last night..
by MrsDLT November 2, 2015

1. The act of overcoming another individual skillwise.

2. Basically, to own.
1. Must I topple you again?
You have been toppled.
by NormaJean October 21, 2004
"Whoah that curry I had last night was hot. Should have seen the size of the topple I had today!"
by Lewis1983 May 19, 2005
To add an exceptionally well deserved exclamation to any sentence.
by B Kackes March 3, 2009