An online game where players get a sentence/drawing and either have to draw the sentence or write what they think the drawing is of.
"Hey, want to play Drawception?"
"I've never played it before, but sure."
by QueenNarwhal March 30, 2017
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A game like the whisper game. It's an online free game where you say something and the next person draws it and the next person desrcibes the drawing to the next person who draws according to that description etc.
Dude, did you see how my drawing got described at drawception?
OMG, check this out! My drawception drawing got 3 likes
by Flow_3568 January 16, 2017
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A fun online drawing and typing game created by Jeremiah Freyholtz, AKA "Reed" that used to be fun for everyone until it was overrun by a terrifying horde of memes.
"What are you playing?"
"Oh. Sorry, that game's not for me. Too many memes..."
by FreddyThePickle August 15, 2018
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People of the game called Drawception, some of them are annoying sometimes, but the community in general is pretty friendly.

-I draw bad JJBA stuff
Guy 1 : hey are you an Drawceptioner
Guy 2 yea
by JoJoFanIdkCoolGuy March 3, 2021
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