A mushy butt that feels amazing to squeeze it is so satisfying most people with tooshys like eating pasta with marinara sauce
Oooohhhh that felt nice, must be a tooshy
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The word tooshy came around in the south east of England by teenagers who use a lot of slang in they're vocabulary. The meaning of this word means "good".
i.e. "That girl is tooshy" means that they think the girl is good looking. Or it could be used in another context such as "This ain't tooshy" Which means this isn't nice/good.
by divad senrab October 4, 2009
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A slang term for a butt, rear end, gluteus maximus, derrier, etc. Usually used as a substitute by people who do not want to offend, such as around children.
Sit your tooshie down.
by TheRealBobSaget November 4, 2006
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The correct way to spell "Tushy".
Nicole: tushy
Brandon: don't you mean tooshie?
by Brandaminator July 21, 2008
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A loving and caring person who is a great friend and is super funny. Tooshi is his nickname and he's from the Middle East but he is a hot person and very funny.
by Tooshi,HotBoy February 24, 2018
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yeah like when you're like too like shy to like say something or like start like a conversation or like you know like something... then you'd like say TooShy to let the other party like know you weren't like trying to like ignore them like yeah like. Like like like yeah?
guy 1: "Peez that rather pauncy giraffe ova there wouldn't say hi to me before or even look my way"
girl 2: "oh yeah? trust me - she was just really TooShy - could see her fingers tapping away on the table like she was going to claw the darn thing"
by niveapearlyshine August 18, 2010
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