When someone's acting really gay (thinks his subaru is a mercedes benz, thinks speaking in aim talk is legit, and has a huge schnoz) they can also be be referred to as a subychild, they are a TOOL BAG.
when someone has really gay flo... stubbornly continues to think he is 100% man despite the fact that his voice is so high he undeniably has a vagine, they are a TOOL BAG.
by gayness123 August 22, 2008
To be annoying or embarassing with a friend in a group environment through immature means.
"I expected more out of you two. I mean talk about tool-bag-ish..."
by Swellsbury69 September 20, 2011
The aura given off by someone who displays extreme tool-ish behavior. Tool Bag Swag is hard to attain, as only the kings of douchebagery exemplify this quality. People who wear nothing but Polo, rediculous oversized sunglasses, and flat brimmed tool or 59fifty hats have this. Tool bag swag describes the ultimate tool's way of life.
Joe displays his Tool Bag Swag as he lifts up his Polo T-Shirt to flash girls his abdominals in the hallway.
by TheSharpestBluntObject May 8, 2011
a person who hangs out with tools
he is their ringleader who carries the rest of the tools along with him, like a bag that carries tools
Michael is such a tool bag all he ever does is hang around with tools
by wordception June 18, 2011
means worthless, unwanted peason that people use dont like
tool bag,dickheads faggets ,noobs
by reem12 March 9, 2009
A mexican tool bag is when you are going anal and the girl/boy poops on your "tool" forming a bag over it.
Dud it was so fun when your mom gave me a mexican tool bag last night.
by jamaaly April 17, 2011
A guy who gets around, has sex with alot of girls at the same time.
"I cant believe Mike Heiser is hooking up with all those girls hes the biggest tool bag of a whore youll ever meet."
by Chang Winning November 15, 2008