An individual who's personality is the perfect combination a Tool and a Douche Bag.

Another explanation is a moron who thinks that they are god's gift to the world.
dude 1: Check out that tool Chuck over there, now that's he's watched karate kid six times he thinks he can punch through a brick wall. What a douche bag.

dude 2: Chuck truly is a Tool Bag.
by Max86 September 13, 2012
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Someone who is more than simply a tool. So much of a tool in fact, that since there is not a more tool-ish word than tool, they can only be described as a "tool bag," logically. One who has the tool quality of so many tools, that a mechanic's collection of tools does not contain as many tools as would equal the level of tooldom that a "tool bag" contains. Therefore, their tool level is higher than tool and moves up to "tool bag."
A group of sophmores is a bunch a tools ::AS TO:: A single freshman is a tool bag.

Good Charlotte are tools ::AS TO:: Ryan Seacrest is a tool bag.
by Ebits April 21, 2008
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One who tries to be a hard ass, but everyone else thinks is an idiot because of what he does.

"a guy that parks his not that sweet of a car on the towns main street car wash and hand washes or shammies it with his shirt off, bumping his stereo system."

"Hey look at that guy washing his car with his shirt off, haha what a tool bag."

by Brandon T September 6, 2006
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A person who is so big of a tool and douchebag, that he can only be labeled a tool bag. This breed of tool can often be seen sporting wifebeaters, fauxhawks, aviators, and chains that were only popular in 2001 urban America. Usually people despise this person but do not confront them about it. Makes stupid remarks and most people would enjoy pulverizing them with a pole. See Joe Eads.
Look at that tool bag, sweet paint on abs bro!
by garycolemanisag July 3, 2011
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Girl 1: My boyfriend is such an asshole.
Girl 2: Girl, don't worry about it, he's just a Tool Bag.
by Ashhhhhhhhhhhhhy August 29, 2010
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"ah shit man i told your girl she had a nice rack, so she kicked me in the tool bag!"
by Kamran Omidi July 11, 2008
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