One of the most pimp gangsters from south side. likes to carry his 9 mm everywhere. gets women left and right. has loads of cash
That kid is like a Tooker.
by tookenator December 14, 2010
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“The Original Player”. Dating back to the beginning of time, there was a clan who, by no fault of their own, acquired a reputation that invariably led to the Surname, “Tooker”. Background: a “Tooker”, minding his own business, would often be innocently approached by a myriad of females, pining for romantic inclusion, thereby abandoning their current love interest. The aforementioned love interest of such yearning fräuleins would, after merely turning his head, unfailingly lose sight of his fräuline companion. After much inquisition of those in his proximity, which often contained lines such as, “Where did my woman run off to”, this individual would habitually obtain the common response, infinitely referencing a member of the “Tooker” clan, “he took her”. Ergo the surname “Tooker”.
Individual 1: Have you seen my girl?
Individual 2: Yes, he took her (Tooker).
by Tooker October 26, 2013
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