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noun: means "Typical Office-Organized GAthering". Typified by drunken coworkers wandering around, attempting to complete mission critical work while drunk, and casual sex in copy rooms and other out-of-the-way places.
"Bro! Did you see the pictures from the Tooga Bree organized for us Thursday? Ian was passed out drunk face down on the fake palm tree!"
by Jonny Dirtrocker August 25, 2009
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An ugly pig that takes dumps in people's mouths; brain dead pig
Look at that Toogas; he is taking a duke in that hallyhock's mouth.
by Gerald Gibbons February 28, 2008
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A quite nice piece of white fabric that you wrap around your body and then attach at the shoulder of one arm. Not both arms just one arm. Sometimes the attachment is accented by a nice piece of vine or a small green plant, preferably not poison ivy. Many people mix up this particular style of clothing with a Toga. As you might not know, a Tooga is the proper pronunciation. Tooga is the way people with different accents might pronounce the word American's pronounce Toga. Do not embarrass or insult the people who say it Tooga because you will just end up looking like an idiot.
Alice: I need a tooga for the tooga party tonight.

Idiot: It's pronounced toga.

Alice: That's what I said, tooga!

Idiot: No, it's toga!

Alice: I am saying exactly what you are saying! You say tooga, I say tooga!

/Idiot storms out of room/

Random Stranger: That person looked like an idiot.
by ApademicsMajor July 30, 2010
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