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tongue tied is when someone you like is talking and you're so flustered that you don't dare utter a word.
crush: talking
you: tongue tied
by by milflover69 June 9, 2021
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When a dick is so big your tongue has no where to go.
Jace was so blessed down there I was tongue tied the whole time.
by farmersonly February 12, 2017
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sooooo, it's a song. recently revealed as the mcyt ship song for skephalo. (skeppy and badboyhalo) I believe it's platonic shipping as they are best friends.
Person1: Have you heard the song TONGUE TIED?
person 2: Yeah! It's SKEPHALO ship song.
Person 1: what's thattttttt, I just like the song.
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1. Used when one cannot seem to find the words they are looking for.

2. Used when another human being says something that causes others to feel uncomfortable and therefore become tongue-tied because they do not know what to say.

3. Used just whenever the hell you want to.
Stefanie: Shove some bananas down your pants!
Michelle: WHAT?!
Jennifer & Amie: Tongue-Tied Tarantula!

Also see Uncomfortable Cow and Awkward Turtle
by Suite'ies October 21, 2009
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