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a ship between the two minecraft youtubers skeppy and badboyhalo. this is a popular ship in the mcyt fandom.
person 1: "i ship dreamnotfound! what about you?"
person 2: "i ship skephalo!"
by soupofcan January 09, 2021
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Skephalo is a ship name given to the amazing couple that is (let's face it) cannon!

Skeppy x Badboyhalo! It's so obvious it's real. They both have amzing dates at McDonald's ordering cheesy fries everytime.

They are both amazing content creators who deserve all the love they can get.

Skeppy is a rotten muffin while Badboyhalo is the sweetest muffin out there!
"Skephalo is OTP!!" ~ Said by every Skephalo fangirl/fanboy ever.
by Muffin the Moth :3 July 24, 2019
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Skephalo is a ship of badboyhalo and skeppy they both simp for each other vurb ships the aswell they are cute together
Aww look is skephalo they are so cute together and they,they are having another devorce
by October 15, 2020
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Skephalo is a ship name given to Skeppy and Bad who make great content but to face it we all know there dating Skephalo is also found in fanart and Wattpad stories which are really good so go read them you can also find videos about skephalo

Bad x Skeppy is such an adorable ship they probably have dates in "Moonlight uh, Spotlight uh," which would be perfect

Skeppy is a really bad muffin Bad is the sweetest muffin you will ever meet!
'As Skeppy sat under the moonlight staring into Bads green eyes looking at his soft lips he just couldn't resist so he kissed Bad' and that is summary of skephalo
by Duckie_Quack January 02, 2021
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SkepHalo is a ship name for the youtuber Skeppy & Badboyhalo, Both of them totally love each other as the fans progress the shipping with fanfics and now, an official Twitter page and discord server.
via giphy
by VIIXVII July 06, 2019
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Skephalo is a ship name by the two minecraft youtubers: Skeppy & badboyhalo
by VIIXVII July 14, 2019
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