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Sexual act - The tommy gunner kneels between the legs of the target and makes a gun shape with both hands using the first two fingers as the barrel. Placing the hands at chest height with your elbows out, proceed to rapidly insert and exit the vagina (or any other orifice) with the fingers. It helps if you say "rat-tat-tat".
A variation of this move called the Extended Clip is to also place the pinky fingers out and use these fingers to enter the rectum simultaneous to the pointer and middle fingers entering the vagina. Again it helps to say "rat-tat-tat" at some point.
Denny was going down on me and all of the sudden he started tommy gunning me!
I think Denny invented tommy gunning cause hes so damn good at it!
by FatKidsFall December 23, 2013
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