method of smoking weed when no papers or bowls can be found. used only in desperate times, a person will "tomkin" by placing the pot in the user's palm and lighting it on fire(the weed, not the hand). the person will then inhale the escaping fumes by placing the face directly above the palm. this move was originated in Hamden.
I forgot my bowl, so we will have to tomkin this sh*t.
by crisporto February 21, 2006
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The act having a mini wood baseball bat shoved up your ass until they make you scream
my cousin gave me a tomkin till i cried
by tomkinator 7 January 18, 2009
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Usually a surname and not to be confused with other wannabe's Thomkins and the 'just pissed themselves' Tompkins, there's no 'p' here thank you.
We are a rarer breed, strong willed, loyal, Skillful, with youthful genes.

For friends and colleagues its acceptable to shorten Tomkins in Name terms but only to Tomo.
"Blimey that's some quality work there who done that ?"
That's Tomo's work.

Fuck me that Tomkins can juggle, look at her go !
by Rockitm4n February 05, 2021
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