The act of ejaculating into somebodys hair and having it freeze.
Mark totally just gave that chick a tompkins.
by Wholeden February 19, 2007
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- Tompkins surname is early medieval English. It is a patronymic form of Thomas, from the nickname Tom, and the added diminutive suffix "- kin", meaning near relative, plus the suffix "-s", itself a short form of "son".

- Tompkins is now a common rugby term, meaning to use of great power.
- The son of Tom.
- You showed great Tompkins out on the field today.
by Kindnessmatters May 31, 2018
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an old, demented, bitch of a sub-school principal, who makes it her goal in life to make the hammouds as miserable as she possibly can. she uses a wide variety of tools at her disposal such as suspension, detention, and filing police reports, amogst others. she is generally in a sour mood, which contributes greatly to her cunt like personality.
boy: 'someone beat me up'
tompkins: 'it must've been omar, send him to my office'

tompkins: 'i smell weed. is ramy in school today?'

tompkins: '3 hammouds down, and i got 4 more comin my way. just knowing theres more hammouds to screw over makes me happy.'
by elme3lem September 4, 2006
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The worst treeshes to ever graze the face of the earth. They wear fairy clothes (poorly), have massive orgies in the Tompkins bathrooms, and pretend that they are cool for peeing on cars at Carroll.
Oh my god I have to pee on the street!
Don’t be one of the Tompkins Heads lacy. Use a fucking bathroom.
by dontstainriteaide February 21, 2021
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A cutie who is so underrated it's unbelievable. He makes your ears have a little orgasm every time he sings. His smile will make your day.
Sam Tompkins is a beautiful human being.
by Chlxe137 February 20, 2017
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That kid has no idea was he is talking about and likes to seduce younger women. He's such a Paul Tompkins.
by Charles319312 October 23, 2013
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The place where people who do heroin and all sorts of drugs can all come together. The park located in the East Village in Manhattan on Avenue A. Also, a great place and hang out spot to get heroin connections, buy dope, do dope (discretely though, since theirs lots of under cover cops), find other addicts, where freight train hopping squatters stay at when they come to new york city. Home to the homeless people of lower manhattan. Also, a great place to go if you hate your life, and wants to share some nice dirty needles with some one and catch some yummy diseases like Hepatatis ,aids, stds, Scabies, etc.
Person #1- "Hey dude you wanna go down to Tompkins Square park and get some dope?"

Person #2- "No thanks man, i dont wanna catch hep c"

Person #1- "Oh no dude dont worry, I already have it"
by Shlimey man January 2, 2011
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