Tomi is a name given to a gifted and an awesome person , The name “Tomi” is unisex, Tomi’s are usually very social , outspoken , intelligent and just generally stand out, the name originated from the indigenous Yoruba tribe found in Nigeria. usually “Oluwatomisin” or “Tomiwa” in full.
Have you seen Tomi anywhere? I miss him so much.
Tomi is such a beautiful girl.
Don’t let your girlfriend see Tomi , she might leave you.
by Labaga October 5, 2018
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A hot guy who attracts females easily and has a huge fucking cock
I'm jealous of Tomi i wish i had as much girls as him.
by BigPenis803 February 5, 2018
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A person named tomi is a nice person who talks a lot but if you treat him right then will be nice to you. If you go against him then he will charge at you with extreme anger. You must be careful with someone named tomi.
Tomi is good
by Whyyougottabelikethis April 19, 2021
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An extra QuIrKy girl who loves hockey. Her milkshake doesn't only bring the boys to the yard, but mongoose too.
Wow, Tomi's watching the bruins game instead of doing her math. How typical of her.
by The Drama Hotspot May 2, 2019
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Tomi is a smart and sexy guy. He knows how to treat girls right. He is generous, caring, kind and great in bed. Tomi is the best. If you have a boyfriend named Tomi, never let him go. You won’t find anyone else like him.
Tomi is so sexy I wanna jump on him right now.
I love Tomi, he is the best!
Omg, I had sex with Tomi and it was mindblowing.
by Cannotgetmore November 23, 2021
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He is most probably gay and likes unusual shit. He says he is straight but his friends know the truth. He is all ways salty he is bad at uno.
I am tomi and i like fucking stairs
by Ur mum gay lol 123 November 11, 2019
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1:basicilly someone who looks great, smells great, and all the ladies want him. great at sports also. great sense of humor. 2:when something is good. great, awesome. exceptional. cool. 3:a fresh guy who is very attractive, a real go getter.Always has many friends.Very funny, and most commonly is a hot guy. 4:verb: to''tomy"means to have the best sex ever with a girl.
1:'' whoa , look at this handsome guy , he is such a tomy ! ''
2:'' whoa , i feel so good tonight , so tomy tonight ! ''
3:'' whoa , look at him , he is so popular , so tomy ! ''
4:'' whoa , i totally tomyed that girl yesterday ! ''
by moppeur July 26, 2010
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