The definition of loyalty the biggest heart you'll ever meet. Makes the best friend. She will never hold a grudge, is the peace maker of the group.

She's independent & knows how to handle her business. You will hardly ever see her cry or sad. Toro is a person who deals with issues with more strength than you'll ever know.

Works very hard for what she wants, and may not always get it... Her tenacity carries her through

She is always thinking about other's feelings which means she never says how she feels.
Girl: I'm so proud of Toro she accomplished so much dispite all that was thrown at her
by 1209PO July 27, 2016
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The act of skillfully dodging large women at a party or social event, who are trying to initiate a conversation with you.

Similar to the action a bull fighter makes when avoiding contact by large beast.
Steve: Did you see those big chicks trying to sit on Ralph's lap last night?

Art: Ya, I saw him pull a Toro and get away scot free.
by IcemanPDT October 7, 2011
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Sexy / Chic / Cool / Fucking Awesome... Yet classy

aka Girls, Coke, Hot Sex, Violence
Girl: That pool party... Fucking Toro

Guy: Aw yeah.. SO toro
by Toromans June 21, 2011
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The act of performing felatio on an individual while said individual is shaving his testicular region.

In other words, getting a blowjob while you are shaving your nuts. Usually executed in the shower, but not always.

Origin of word:Toro is a brand of tractor lawnmower. And getting "The Toro" makes mowing the lawn just a little bit easier.
"Dude, I was taking a Bic to my brainsack this morning and my girl popped in and help me out with the Toro"
by Matt Crotchwell February 7, 2007
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to wipe out while riding your bike, to have an obscenely bloody accident where one is amazingly able to walk away, to come inches from becoming roadkill, to ride a bike while intoxicated where the likelihood an accident will occur is increased exponentially.
ex 1:
Girl to drunk friend leaving bar on his bicycle: "Dude, be safe and shit - don't toro yourself on the way home!"

Dude friend: "Ah, man - I'm not THAT drunk!"

ex 2:
Girl #1: I'm on lunch, right? and this bike messenger almost gets doored by this fatass getting out of his car. The bike messenger totally swerves but there was this manhole cover there, and you know it had been raining that day, right? dude, he totally toro'ed himself all over the road and was almost run over by this cabbie when he bit it!
by y3n March 14, 2008
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Toros is a beautiful male name. And no, this is no Spanish name - in fact, it's Armenian!! Toros is usually a Sagittarius. He LOVES to travel to new places, and wishes he lived on the beach. He's never been shy - and never will! Toros is an amazing person, the BEST guy you will ever meet! Toros has the BEST sense of humor, and can even cheer you up. Although, he is not a fan of cry-babies. Toros will have only one child. And her name is Grace. His wife is so beautiful, it's like this was all just a dream, they also have one cat. The cat is literally Grace's sister. This is a very happy, and special family. And it's all thanks to this wonderful person named Toros.
I absolutely LOVE Toros! He's the best guy I know out there! I also LOVE his great sense of humor. All he wants to do is travel somewhere new to places that he hasn't yet been too!!!!
by Arevig#5! March 28, 2018
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In a shooter video game whenever one person teamkills, the victim spawn camps the teamkiller. While the victim is waiting for the respawn, another teammate kills the unsuspecting victim.
This dude doesn't even know that we're gonna toro him.
Man, toroing is so easy against noobs!
Damn, I thought I could get revenge, but then I was toroed.
by CapnSam December 6, 2007
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